Friday, May 12, 2006

Whose Side Is He On?

After a long day we visited Jeremiah's folks last night to give Nana a Mother's Day gift since she's headed to Cancun tomorrow. I sat in a chair in the corner as I watched Isaac and Papa do a puzzle on the floor. I yawned and Isaac looked up at me and asked ,"Mommy, are you sleepy?" "Yeah, honey, I'm very sleepy." So then he asks me, "Do you want to sleep on Nana's bed?" I politely decline and tell him I can wait 'til we get home to go to sleep. But he continues to offer me nice places to rest; the chair, the couch, etc. I'm touched that he's so concerned and trying to be so accommodating, although I'm continuously assuring him that I'll be just fine until we get home and I can sleep in my own bed. This continues until I think he's run out of places to offer. But then he looks up at Jeremiah, who's been oblivious to the entire conversation thanks to the local newspaper, and asks,"Do you want to sleep on Daddy?"

I stifle my laughter and, much to Jeremiah's chagrin, politely decline his final offer.

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Katie said...

Sounds like a nice Mother's Day gift for you and Jeremiah!