Thursday, May 18, 2006

A Little Late

For Mother's Day this year Jeremiah and I did something that we have never done, in fact we did something that no one had ever done. We cooked a Mother's Day meal for Jeremiah's grandmother. Both of our moms were busy and so we thought it would be nice to celebrate the holiday with another admired mother. When I first told Jeremiah that we should do this I was feeling a little guilty that we've been married 5 years and this would be the first time we've done this. I was astonished to learn that no one had ever prepared a Mother's Day dinner for this wonderful woman! She has five daughters and has been married for 53 years and I was the first.

However, that was not why I was so stunned. Let me explain.

I have never entered their home without a hug. I have never been able to leave their home without first being sent home with dessert or some food thing in my belly. And I have never left their home empty handed. Jeremiah and I even joke sometimes that we'll have to clean out the car before visiting grandma and grandpa because they always send us home with so much. So much in fact that sometimes I feel guilty for even visiting. In fact on Sunday my meal seemed like so little a thank you or an honor to grandma for all they have done for us. And we left with a box of fruit snacks for Isaac, a VCR, a pair of binoculars, my gift of chocolates for Mother's Day from them, and a bouquet of fresh picked tulips for yours truly.

So the reason I could not believe that I had been the first to do this small but sentimental act for her is because she has done so much for us. And I know that their reach extends far beyond my little family. They are such good people and I feel so blessed to have been added to thier long list of grandchildren. I didn't know my grandparents growing up and I am thankful that they have accepted me as if I had always been theirs. And I'm grateful I was able to give a small portion of that back to them.


Katie said...

Wow, Gwen. You are so thoughtful. I bet Grandma just loved your sentiment. It makes me wonder how I'm doing in showing appreciation to those I love...

K.C. said...

Gwen, you are wonderful! I am so glad that you are close by to step in when others of us have failed to do so. You are so thoughtful and selfless and I appreciate all you do.