Tuesday, February 17, 2009


They say that dreams are your hearts most sincere desire made manifest while you sleep. I say "That's crap."

Last night I had several dreams...among them: me as a Jedi aboard the Death Star, me in a national dance contest judged by Paula Abdul and Amy Poehler, and also me and an old "friend with benefits" hiding in a trench while we waited for soldiers to leave so that we could make s'mores.

I'd like someone to interpret that!


Scott said...

"Friend with benefits"??

What was it exactly that D E had to qualify as bennies?

Chapmans23 said...

UMMM, that is a little scary, I am not sure about that one!

Gwen said...

It wasn't even DE.

Goldie said...

Power, talent, allure/charm and s'mores....I think the meaning is obvious!