Thursday, February 19, 2009


Why do opportunities always come at a time when you're not ready? Before Isaac began school we had has name put into a lottery for a charter school. I had heard lots of poor reports about the school he is now attending, but since he didn't get in to the charter school we sent him anyway.

He is doing very well in school and simply adores his teacher, as do I. So this morning I got a phone call saying that there was an opening in the Kindergarten, would Isaac like to attend?

Help! I don't know how I feel about him switching schools mid-year. Plus the charter school does all-day Kindergarten. Although he's enjoyed his current school for Kindergarten, I think it's mostly due to his teacher and I don't know that I will feel so great about it next year. Plus, if I let him into the charter school it is more likely that his siblings will also be able to attend when they reach school age.

So, do I keep him where he is because he's happy and so far there's nothing bad to report? Or do I switch schools just to avoid possible future discontent?


K said...

Will the spot be open next fall? If so, I'd keep him where he is and send him to the charter school starting in first grade. I don't think that all-day K is the right choice for my children, who have never been required to be out of the home every day for any amount of time in their entire lives. I like the transition of half-day K.

If the spot is use it or lose it...I don't know what I'd do. There are three and a half months of school left, right? Knowing that down the line, I'd want him in this school, I would probably take a good long look at Isaac and see if I thought it was him or me that would have trouble adjusting to all-day K.

I love ya, Gwen. You'll make the right choice.

Goldie said...

Is there a possibility of you going to the charter school for a visit? See what you think of it, and meet some of the teachers? Then you can talk to your son, and ask him how he'd feel about a change. Kids can be resistant to change, or they may take it all in stride. I don't know Isaac, so I couldn't really say...
Good luck!

Gammie said...

Just talked to Sariah about something else and she says she'd jump at the chartered school in a heartbeat. You may never get another opportunity like this one. If you turn them down they'll probably cross you off their LONG list. Good luck and go for it!

Chapmans23 said...

Blake and I have talked about putting Kiel in a charter, and we would have if we lived closer to one. I say jump at it, If I know Isaac like I believe I do, I think he would adjust just fine and they teach more on his level. They challenge the kids more then public does. I think it is a great opportunity for your family.

good luck and keep us posted!

Anonymous said...

If it was me, I would take Issac to the charter school to meet the kindergarten teachers and get a feel for the school, then ask his opinion...he then may be open for the change. It's hard for kids to make a decision on things they can not see. I hear great things from those who attend the charter schools.