Thursday, February 12, 2009

Maternal Ponderings

You know those flecks of toothpaste and other mouth matter that splatter on the mirror after you brush and floss your teeth? Well, when you help your kids brush their teeth, you become the mirror.

Kids have no sense of personal space. I could be crammed into a shoebox and still have 3 kids asking if they could sit on my lap.

I've never understood why kids fight against taking a nap when some days I would agree to host a swimming party for thirty 1-yr olds if I was promised I could take a 2-hr nap.

No matter how "independent" a child may seem, they still want/need you there at nearly every moment, even if they don't require your participation.

Children can live indefinitely on Ovaltine and cinnamon toast. (We're still researching that statement.)


tammy d said...

I know what you mean. Sometimes Zaine just has to be right there by me and sometimes it just drives me crazy. Other times it's nice to know that he still needs me and want to be around me.

Anonymous said... use wasting all your energy on all those delicious meals. Just get out the toaster!