Thursday, February 05, 2009

My "Widdle" Boy

I love this video of Jack. He was so happy that day. I said "ready?" right before I pushed record and for some reason that made him laugh. He was so sweet - no camera shyness here. Like how he calls both Isaac and Kenley "Iyat?" That's already changed. Kenley is now "Eh-wee," which is funny to me because he says "candy" just fine and they sound a lot alike. It cracks me up how after I say "milk" he thinks he instantly needs a drink. It's all over after that.

Also, just for the record, he learned to say "bottle" before he learned "drink." Every drink to him is a bottle, even though he hasn't used one for months. I just felt like I should clarify that.

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Amanda said...

Gwen, he's just the cutest thing ever! I'm planning to feature this post on my Sunday Shout Outs this week so please stop by and take a look Sunday morning. Have a great weekend!