Tuesday, June 27, 2006

100 Things about Me

No. This is not my 100th post. I just really enjoyed reading others' 100 things posts and thought that perhaps my one faithful reader might enjoy reading mine. And if not, well, at least only one person was affected. Here goes...

1. I have several unfounded, childish fears that I've developed as an adult.
2. I love to cook.
3. I hate to clean.
4. I am much better at project cleaning than every day cleaning.
5. Autumn in my favorite season.
6. I met my husband by dating his brother.
7. I think a good summer can be measured by the number of Otter Pops you consume.
8. I do not do well in temperatures above 80 degrees.
9. The deliveries of both of my children were emergencies.
10. I have a very long list of things I want that I cannot afford to buy.
11. I have an even longer list of things I have that money cannot buy.
12. I change my penmanship almost every time I write.
13. I love to make people laugh, even if I have to look like an idiot to do so.
14. I often quote movies.
15. I still watch cartoons.
16. I like shows made for pre-teens.
17. I enjoy singing far more than others like to hear me sing.
18. I often have dreams about high school.
19. I rarely feel like I fit in.
20. I love to watch clouds.
21. I like kids more than they like me.
22. I was a homecoming queen candidate but no one asked me to the dance.
23. Seafood grosses me out.
24. It will be a long time before I consider working outside the home again.
25. I will probably never go back to school and finish my Business Management degree.
26. I love my husband and kids beyond what I thought I was capable of.
27. I have short, fat toes.
28. I want more kids.
29. I have several allergies.
30. I used to be an awesome dancer.
31. I am having a hard time keeping this list positive.
32. I didn't know I had a soft spot until I had babies.
33. I am a fun person to have at a party.
34. I am boring one-on-one.
35. I love being part of a big family.
36. I am a terrible artist.
37. I've made several quilts.
38. Two guys claim that I "Dear John"d them on their missions, but I'm pretty sure I took care of it before they left.
39. I have a major sweet tooth.
40. I only went to one boy's choice dance at my high school; Senior Prom.
41. I am typing faster than the cursor can keep up.
42. I wish more people would comment on my blog.
43. I don't have any Hollywood crushes.
44. Calculus was my favorite subject in high school.
45. I am back to my pre-pregnancy weight, but with a different shape.
46. I actually want a minivan.
47. I have been in the Primary for 3 years, serving in as many positions.
48. I wish more people wrote hand-written letters.
49. I've bonded more with Kenley than I did with Isaac as a baby.
50. I think humor and food make just about any situation better.
51. I think I'm a true friend...to both of you. ;^)
52. Our phone seldom rings for me.
53. I'm too lazy to sort through the clearance racks while shopping.
54. I don't think I was any more spoiled by being the only girl out of 7 children.
55. My mom thinks I live a charmed life.
56. One of my favorite songs is "The Star Spangled Banner."
57. I am often selfish.
58. I watch too much TV.
59. I make a mean cheesecake.
60. I had only groomsmen at my wedding reception.
61. I had never been on an airplane until I flew to Acapulco for my honeymoon.
62. Family is very important to me.
63. I like that I have small babies.
64. I would love to build furniture, if I didn't have wood allergies.
65. I think I would be a good cake decorator.
66. I'm pretty good at almost everything that I try.
67. I am a dead-eye with a rifle.
68. I really want to learn to play the guitar.
69. I look silly in professional clothing.
70. I'm not as good of a housekeeper as I thought I'd be.
71. I taught myself how to play the piano.
72. I cannot afford to decorate according to my taste.
73. I wish my house had a library.
74. Memorizing songs is second nature to me.
75. I enjoy cooking for company, but I'm awkward at entertaining guests.
76. I cannot sleep if my sheets or blanket are not straight. (I find it strange that Jeremiah can.)
77. I feel anxiety when I see someone with only one sock on.
78. I am not a risk taker.
79. I have a tattoo, but I wish I didn't.
80. My husband would not have liked me if he had met me one year earlier than he did.
81. I'm usually the one who mows the lawn.
82. I miss the Smurfs.
83. Every time I check the mail I'm hopeful someone has sent us money for no reason.
84. I remember peoples' birthdays really well, but I'm usually late at sending gifts and greetings.
85. I am historically ignorant.
86. I still delight in simple pleasures. Ooh! Something shiny!
87. I love surprises.
88. I was grounded for months at a time as a teenager.
89. My faith has not yet been tested.
90. I have been extremely blessed with two very content babies.
91. I want to name my next boy (should I have one) Jack Davis.
92. I felt kind of silly when a friend asked me if I had a problem with her naming her son Isaac.
93. I don't think I fit the stereotype of what girls are like.
94. I was very "boy crazy" growing up.
95. My biggest pet peeve right now is the condition of our home office / nursury / toy room.
96. I am constantly hungry.
97. I sucked my thumb until I entered Kindergarten.
98. Americanized Mexican food is my favorite.
99. I love riding on roller coasters.
100. I found it difficult to write this list!

Well, that should have given the 'I' key sufficient use!


Katie said...

LOVED IT! You know, I thought I knew you better than I actually do. I've always heard you say things about how you don't feel like you fit in or how you are boring one-on-one, but I never believe it. I think you are so witty and smart and capable. You are an incredible mother to your children and really are a true friend to me. I asked about using the name Isaac because even though I didn't think it would bother you, I knew it would bother some people. Awkward at entertaining guests? Oh my gosh, every time we leave your house Josh and I talk about how we wish we lived closer because you and Jeremiah are so fun to be around. Even if you don't think anyone else in the world recognizes how great you are, I do!

K.C. said...

So I read this too! And I decided that you and I are almost one and the same. For example, the reason I married Evens was actually because of his excellent cleaning skills! And, I really don't get along well with other girls...except for those I'm related to, whether by blood or marriage of course. I find that guys are much more relaxed and like to have fun. Plus, I've got a really dirty sense of humor and I love bathroom humor....no wonder I have no girl friends. Anyway, most of that list depressed me. I, just like Katie, think you are fabulous! You are a very gracious and friendly host, and I love visiting you. I just hope that soon we actually will live closer to you guys.
Bottom line: you are fabulous!

Gwen said...

Well, as a point of clarification, I did not write this list as a "pity fest." I just wanted to be honest! But I really do like myself and I am happy!

Gina said...

74-76 are me me me! You are so great to link this post to my 100 things! What a doll! Thank you! I am the same on 86, 87, 96 & 99 too! Way to go getting this list done!!! Whoohoo!!!

Gwen said...

Really? You can't sleep with wrinkled sheets? I'll have to tell my husband...he thinks I'm CRAZY!

Cheryl Leonard said...

I so enjoyed reading your 100 things about YOU. I really got to know you better by reading these items. I think we all need to do this and it would provide a great insight to each other. Thanks for sharing - Love Aunt Cheryl

liz said...

i found your blog thru gabby's. i love your list- I am so much like you it's scary, besides the wacky (jk) allergies (wood? really?) I could have written most of these things about myself.

Excited to read more about your blog.