Monday, June 05, 2006

Why I Have Laugh Lines

Last week was Isaac's friend's birthday. We gave him a little gun that shoots foam arrows. The gift was quite a hit and all the kids at the party wanted to take a turn shooting all the other kids with it. So they all took turns (even me) and we had quite a fun time. But one time Isaac got hit on the side of his face, right next to his eye. The arrows are very light weight and don't hurt, but Isaac came over to me for some sympathy and told me, "The arrow gotted my beautiful eye."

***** ***** *****
Isaac and I were sitting at the table the other night enjoying our dinner. There was complete silence as we ate our meal until Isaac turned to me and said, "No milk for two weeks? I'll starve!"
***** ***** *****
Last night Isaac did what he usually does. He ignores me until I am right in the middle of some task and then insists that he needs my attention right that moment. I believe his request was that I read him one of the dinosaur books we checked out from the library. I was changing Kenley's diaper and getting her pajamas on so I asked him to "wait a minute." He let out a sigh and as he turned to walk away he answered, "I've heard that a thousand times."


Katie said...

Man, his little thoughts must have been racing to come to "No milk for two weeks? I'll starve!"

That is hilarious!

My Full Hands said...

So cute. Now I have laugh lines too!