Friday, June 16, 2006

Rebuilding Bridges

Or, at least, putting up a plank.

Not too long ago I called a person I hadn't spoken to in five years. We had a falling out (one of several over the course of about 10 years) right at the time we both got married. The timing of that was both unfortunate and perfect. On the one hand we weren't the friends you'd like to have on one of the happiest days of your life. On the other hand it was a good time to let go of old things as we started new lives and went our separate ways.

I'm not exactly sure what made me call. I wasn't trying to revive a friendship with her. I didn't call to apologize either. I suppose I just wanted to say that I had not forgotten her as a person and that although we may never speak again, it's not because I hate her. She, of course, was shocked that I had called but we had a nice little chat. Nothing real personal, just a catch up on how many kids we'd had and things of that sort.

I don't expect to hear from her; our friendship faded a long time ago. But I'm glad I called. I feel better about myself knowing that I made that call.

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Katie said...

Good for you, Gwen!