Monday, June 26, 2006


If you are a mother you understand that it is very hard to find any time to yourself while raising children. They follow you everywhere. Most of the time it's nice to have a little shadow but sometimes you really need some alone time, like while you're using the restroom. I thought that I had made it possible to at least use the restroom in peace by teaching Isaac "privacy" as soon as he was able to open a door.

When he follows me to the bathroom I politely say that I need some privacy and he usually grabs the doorknob and closes the door behind him on his way out. This morning he did just that as he stated, "I will get you some privacy." I thought it was funny that he said "get" instead of "give" but I didn't think much of it until he opened the door again. "Here's some privacy" he said pretending to hand it to me. I made the mistake of laughing which only encouraged him to continue retrieving privacy, which apparently existed in abundance in the hallway.


Kik said...

That honestly made me spit the water I was attempting to drink out of my mouth!! Seriously....laughing....a lot.

Katie said...

What a smart boy!

K.C. said...

I think that I am learning a lot about parenting from you! For example, I hope that I will remember to explain things to my children that maybe they won't understand on their own. Although, the things they come up with on their own are so much better than the real thing!