Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Behind the Wheel

As I was driving to the mall yesterday Isaac informed me that he wanted to drive.

Me: You want to drive?

Isaac: Yes.

Me: Do you think that would be a good idea?

Isaac: That is a very good i-dee-uh.

Me: Do you even know how to drive?

Isaac: Yep, like this.

We then reached a stop light and I turned around to see Isaac gripping his invisible steering wheel, casually glancing about his surroundings and "steering' quite gently. For a moment he looked so grown up. Not the wreckless driving from the backseat that I expected from a 3-year old.

The light turned green and we both "drove" the remainder of the distance to the mall. I told him he did a good job and someday we would let him drive for real. I know that day will come far sooner than I can now imagine. Those moments of visualizing him as a grown up will soon become a reality. I just hope he's as responsible then as he is now. Especially if he's going to be driving my car!


My Full Hands said...

It's just not as easy when you add the pedals. That's what'll throw him off! I wonder what it will be like when my kids start driving and doing "grown up" stuff too. My oldest is ten. It's not as far off as I'd like to think it is!!!!

Gina said...

That is sooooo CUTE! Kids are so smart and observant... melts my heart.