Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Happy Clappy

Miss Kenley has learned how to clap. It's so cute to watch her little hands find each other mid-air and almost make an audible sound.

The best thing about this recent accomplishment is that she claps for me. I walk into the room...she claps. I get out the bib and spoon...she claps. I make a funny face...she claps. She now claps for pretty much anything that excites her . It feels really good to be applauded at every turn. I know that it will not last very long so I am really going to enjoy it. And each time she claps for me, I think I'll take a bow.


I think Kenley is going to keep me pretty busy. She's started taking a few steps along the furniture and already has explored far more in the house than Isaac ever has. She seems to always be looking for an adventure and is rarely content to sit still. I have a feeling that if I am to have more kids one had better come soon before Kenley is all over the place and I have a chance to change my mind!

Her most recent exploration took her to the kitchen. More specifically the oven. I was baking, so of course the oven was hot, and she decided that the space between the oven and the drawer beneath it would be a good hold to help her stand. It proved to be a good hold but it apparently was as hot as the oven as well. Needless to say her tiny finger blistered from the burn. I felt so bad! I had never realized that there was a space down there that was hazardous!

I called Jeremiah at work to explain what happened, just in case he saw the blister and wondered what realm of torture I had exposed our children to while he was away. As I was cooking dinner the next day, Jeremiah looked at the oven and said, "Is this where she burned herself?" As he said it, he too placed his fingers in the space. Wouldn't you know it, the oven was on again. He'll claim that he burned himself to better sympathize with Kenley but I will always refer to it as "The Idiot Factor."


Katie said...

That's awesome about Kenley taking a few steps---she's going to be a go-getter (or a "Quick! Go Get Her!") for sure!

Her poor least Daddy can empathize.

Gina said...

That is so neat that she is clapping and clapping FOR YOU! Wow, I am so excited for Liam to do that! SOOOOO Cute!!!!