Sunday, June 11, 2006

It's All Behind Us

Isaac discovered the joy of speaking through the wand extension vacuum attachment long ago with some help from Jeremiah. He's not had the opportunity to do it for quite a while since we lost the one off our old vacuum. But now we have a new vacuum and Isaac rediscovered that joy the other day. He was having fun listening to the megaphone effect when all of a sudden he had a great idea. He held the tube behind him and said, "I'm going to fart."
This morning during Sacrament Meeting, Kenley had a small burp that she kept inside herself. It kind of sounded like a muffled passing of gas from the other end. Isaac, using that outdoor voice I swear he reserves only for use inside the chapel during the administering of the sacrament, says, "Kenley farted!" I should have just kept quiet but instead I whispered, "No, she didn't." Isaac replied, again booming, "Did you?"

On a side note...I hope God has a sense of humor. Because I do. And I laughed.
Isaac loves it when Jeremiah or I blow bubbles so that he can pop them with a stick. Since it's good for hours of fun I try to keep myself well supplied with bubble solution. I like the small bottles because if they spill I'm not out much and I can find a 6-pack for $1.97 at Wal-Mart. They come in different colored bottles and Isaac has taken to giving them all names according to the color of the bottle. The blue ones are Batman bubbles, the green ones are "Engine" turtle (Ninja turtle) bubbles, etc.

Well the other day Isaac came to me asking for "butt bubbles."' Butt bubbles? I repeated his request and he said, "butt bubbles." From the emphasis on "butt" I gathered that I was misinterpreting his meaning, though I had no idea just what he could be talking about. I tried to grab a blue bottle hoping that just any bubbles would work, but he insisted, "No, butt bubbles!" Exasperated I asked what exactly butt bubbles were. He said "Ernie is orange and Butt is yellow!"

Oh...yellow bubbles...Bert bubbles.


Kik said...

He is so funny!! Little kids crack me up with the things they say! You have way cute kids.

Katie said...

I think you have about the smartest, funniest kid on the eastern side of the state. He is so great. Love the "Did you?" comment!