Thursday, June 22, 2006

True To My Word...

Yesterday was better. After having a rough day on Tuesday, I think I salvaged Isaac's faith in me as a mother yesterday and today. It helped that Jeremiah had the last two days off and we all spent some much needed time together as a family. Isaac got to play with uncle Gabriel while I got a haircut. The two of them watched some silly animation on the internet which Isaac thought was pretty funny. And he also got to play "the monster game," or rather, he got to watch Gabriel play it, which seems to be far more enjoyable than playing it himself. We went to Wal-Mart and I even bought extra blueberries so that Isaac could snack on them while I made the rest into a pie. Then we came home and we played outside and cleaned up the house a little so that we could be ready for some dinner guests.

Jeremiah's Aunt Cheryl and two of her kids, Sarah & David, were in town from San Diego and we had fun having them over for dinner. Isaac wasn't too interested in the food, but he was very excited to have a table full of people to entertain. After the spaghetti feed we had a nice visit before partaking of a freakin' awesome blueberry pie and then saying goodbye.

Afterwards, Jeremiah and I went outside and set up the tent. We made a make-shift bed for Isaac out of pillows and blankets but he ended up sleeping on the air mattress with Jeremiah and me. Poor Jeremiah was sandwiched in between Isaac and I until 3:30 this morning when we finally decided to put Isaac in his own bed and grab an extra blanket for the two of us. It was kind of chilly, but nothing like the 8 inches of snow Kate and her family experienced, so I can't really complain. Besides, the chill gave us an excuse to cuddle...not that we needed one... We slept outside Kenley's window and she woke us up at about 7:30 this morning. We both came in and jumped in our bed to finish up any sleepy time we had left.

I had to tend some children this morning from about 9:00 to 11:00 and Isaac had fun playing with his friend Mason and his sister Megan. After they left Jeremiah surprised us with a family outing. We went to Bajio for lunch. (Can't go wrong there!) Isaac had his share of rice and beans while Jeremiah and I enjoyed our giant chimichangas. And then we headed to the theater to see Cars. It was a cute show and we all enjoyed it.

And the fun isn't over yet! Tomorrow, Isaac is looking forward to a play-date with his Nana and then we are headed to Boise under the pretense of helping to help my brother and his family move. Isaac is really excited to see "Ty-wha and Caw-teh."

No, I didn't do all this to make up for Tuesday. This is probably how these two days would have turned out anyway. I know I'm not a bad mother, I just wish I was a better one sometimes!

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Katie said...

"I know I'm not a bad mother, I just wish I was a better one sometimes"--I love this. I totally relate.

Sounds like you had a great couple of days...I'm glad for you!