Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Poultry's Just Another Way of Sayin' Chicken

Yum. Yum. And, oh yeah, yum. Last night I made an awesome rotisserie style chicken right in my oven. I wanted to use the rotisserie attachment on our new grill, but I didn't have an extension cord so I found this recipe instead. It was super easy to prepare and tasted so great! It was the most tender chicken I've ever made, it fell right off the bone. I scaled it down to only use one chicken, but I think next time I will go ahead and make two so that we can use the leftover chicken for soup or something - like Kate's newfound Chicken Tetrazzini recipe. You really must try it!


Katie said...

That does look good...and chickens go on sale quite often! I will probably save this until the fall, when I'm not dripping into a puddle from the heat.

Gwen said...

The good thing is that the oven is only set to 250, so there really isn't a lot of extra heat in the kitchen!

Gina said...

I still need to try the tetrazzini... I did her garlic sauce last night... it was divine!