Monday, July 31, 2006


...bring your own monkeys...

A couple of weeks ago Jeremiah's uncle Dennis came to visit Grandma and Grandpa. He brought with him his daughter Kathy and her twin daughters Raven and Alexia. It was fun to see them (and meet them, too) and Isaac just adored those girls. We tried several times to tell him that they were his cousins, but he only referred to them as "my friends." I think he was a little confused by the fact that they were identical, so he didn't even bother learning their names.

One of the fun things we did with them while they were here is go to the zoo. Here are Alexia, Isaac and Raven in the play area near the kids zoo. It was fun to walk around and see the animals. We actually hadn't done this for a while. Isaac gets to go to the zoo more than anyone in our family because sometimes Nana takes him during their playdates. Most of the animals were out and about, so we got to see most of them.

For the size of our small city we actually have a fairly nice zoo. The most recent addition is an Asian Adventure area and it's my favorite. The walkway is lined with bamboo and they have some Asian-inspired architecture around the habitats.

We spent the longest time in the monkey house, reconnecting with our closest relatives. The kids really seemed to enjoy it in there and the monkeys were oddly attracted to our group.

We also had the girls over to our house and they did an excellent job of keeping me cooled off. Our kiddie pool got filled with water and they brought cupfuls of water to dump on my legs. I'm sure going to miss them!

Jeremiah and I had hoped to have them all over for dinner, but their visit was short and their dance card was full. It was so fun to get to visit with them though and we look forward to their (and everyone elses) next visit.


Gammie said...

cute kids!!! Great photography!

Katie said...

Way fun! You do have a nice zoo. I remember spending an awful lot of time staring at the ducks the last time we were there.

Uncle At Large said...

Those kids still talk about that trip..must've been memorable. I keep trying to send pics to Gwen but I think she gave me a bogus yahoo address???(smart alec)