Monday, July 10, 2006

What It's All About

The other day our little family went shopping. It did my heart good to hear Isaac observe, "We're all together. We're a happy family."
We may not get to be all together very often right now but our family is full of love for one another. One of Isaac's favorite things to do at bedtime is have me list all the people that we love. We have so much family (and many friends) that we care about, he often falls asleep before we finish the list.
We are so grateful for family!


Katie said...

This is a darling picture, and seriously the only time I've seen Kenley not smiling. Beautiful family!

Katie said...

For some reason I had to highlight all the blank space to read your words. That sounds like such a great tradition!

Gina said...

That IS a darling photo of you all! Isaac sounds like such a bright little guy!

Cheryl Leonard said...

What an awesome picture! Thanks for turning me on to your blogger site. This way I get to know you more personally. Perhaps I will set up one too. Aunt Cheryl