Sunday, July 09, 2006


Project is larger than expected.
Have to replace entire tub surround, greenboard and some plumbing.
New tub surround is 3 feet shorter than old tub surround.
Have to tape & texture walls above new tub surround.
Have to replace plumbing stems for faucet knobs.
Have to caulk around new tub surround and bathtub.
Have to paint entire bathroom.
Not enough damage for an insurance claim.
Want to take shower in my own home.
Want to bathe my kids.
Want to go to bed before 2 AM.
Want to put up pretty new shower curtain with coordinating towels.


Katie said...

UGH! What a hassle! Home repairs always seem to be more work and more expensive than planned, don't they?

Katie said...

Hey---the word verification letters I just typed were msirei-- you know, like misery? I thought it fit!

Cheryl Leonard said...

How's the project going? I need to do the same thing in the kids bathroom and afraid it will cost me big $$. Yikes - its great you are able to do most of the work yourselves, saving lots of money. Aunt Cheryl