Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Take Me Out to the Ball Game

We went to our first ball game of the season last night. Our credit union sponsored the night so our tickets were free. Have I ever mentioned I love free? Anyway, we got going a little late so our first hour was spent huddling under an umbrella trying to shield our eyes from the sun. Mostly we just jostled around and got poked by the darn thing but I must say we were very close as a family under there. The kids did their share of fussing. Isaac was having a great time clear up until the top of the 2nd and then he said he wanted to go home.

Jeremiah bought some bottled water from the concessions stand and Isaac whined - after he'd returned to the bleachers - that he wanted Root Beer. Jeremiah told him no and after much weeping and wailing I took Isaac to get one, thinking that at least he would keep the straw in his mouth for the rest of the game and therefore be quiet enough for us to hear the only heckler at the ballgame, who we were fortunate enough to sit directly in front of. Oh, how my "good parenting" ideas go awry. Isaac was happy with the Root Beer for 3.2 seconds and then decided he didn't like Root Beer anymore. Thanks son. You owe me $3.25, by the way.

Kenley was pretty well behaved, aside from her usual squirming. She's not at a point where she's very happy to sit still, but at least she didn't bawl all night.

We sat in front of a lady Jeremiah had some education classes with and she had some connections at the ball park. She brought my each of my kids a squishy baseball and that helped them to be entertained. Also, I was kept occupied making sure they didn't roll off the bleachers.

After the sun went down the kids settled down a bit and the game was far more enjoyable. I think I even got to see some of the 5th inning. For a while Isaac and I sat a couple of rows higher than Kenley and Jeremiah. Isaac had fun going between the bleachers "just checking on dad." They threw candy between innings and I really should have paid more attention to how much my boy got his grubby little hands on. I think his sugar intake last night alone should last him a lifetime. But all that candy in his mouth kept him from whining.

Our team won and it was a fun outing for our family. After the game was over, they opened up the field and let the kids run the bases. Jeremiah and Isaac ran around out there taking special care to touch each base. They looked like Calvin and Hobbes. All in all, it was a fun night. I really wish we would have had our camera, but since blogger isn't letting me post them anyway, I guess the internet hasn't lost anything.

Stay tuned for Jeremiah's post of a conversation he and Isaac had about the bird mascot.

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Katie said...

Calvin and Hobbes? I can so picture that!